Summit Nano-X product line

NanoX Core product line

The NanoX product range is envisaged for anyone seeking the ultimate degree of sonic purity. This range makes use of the same design philosophy by using mathematical modelling but it also uses even more refined winding schemes, substantial nanocrystalline metal cores, insulation materials like virginal PTFE (Teflon, Dupont ™) reducing distributed capacitance, special winding/insulation techniques (Varilay) which result in absolute sonic purity and unseen specifications. A typical 300B product is designed around a full power bandwidth of a stunning 20 Hz. The other frequency extreme is reached far above 100 kHz.

Nanocrystalline materials start their life as an amorphous ribbon and are heat treated to form crystals at the nanoscale (10 nm to be precise). These cores exhibit very high permeability, very low hysteresis levels up to high frequencies, resulting in a pristine sound experience.

These transformers represent the pinnacle in transformer design. For the moment, this product range features only one product: the S-9/NanoX is released as a tribute to the glorious WE300B tube. The range will be expanded in the future toward higher power tubes such as 211, 845 as well as GM-70.