How to order?

Price setting is for one piece

Prices shown in the tables are for one piece, e.g. for a pair of ETU- 1 , you will pay
2 x 227,4 = 454,8 € ex shipping when living in the eurozone or
2 x 188,0 = 376,0 € ex shipping when living outside the eurozone.

How long does it take?

All products listed as ''stock items'' are ready for immediate shipping. ''Non-stock items'' take a manufacturing lead time in the range of two to three weeks before shipping.

All orders will be processed within three business days upon receipt of your payment.

There are two columns in the price list

The ''EU'' column applies to private customers within the European Union and includes VAT. ''Export'' prices are applicable for all people outside the EU

Payment options

We accept bank/wire transfer or online credit card payment through Paypal.

In case of Paypal payment, 3% of the total amount will be charged to cover the Paypal fee.

How is shipping arranged?

Unless you wish to receive the items via a major courier service (Fedex, DHL, UPS) charged to your account, all shipments are carried by GLS Logistics or EMS taxipost.

Tracking info will be supplied on your order confirmation sent by email.