Summit product line

Summit Product Line

The Summit product range is envisaged for anyone seeking the highest degree of sonic purity. This range makes use of the same design philosophy by using mathematical modelling but it also uses even more refined winding schemes, larger cores, insulation materials like virginal PTFE (Teflon, Dupont ™) reducing distributed capacitance, special winding/insulation techniques (Varilay) which result in absolute sonic purity and unseen specifications. A typical 300B product is designed around a full power bandwidth of a stunning 15 Hz. The other frequency extreme is reached far above 100 kHz with complete absence of resonances.

These components represent the pinnacle in transformer design. You will NOT find this quality level anywhere else. This product range supports a wide range of applications that use the following tubes such as 300B, parallel 300B, KT-88, 211, 845 as well as GM-70. Also new tubes from Emission Labs and KR Audio such as KR 300BXLS, KR PX25, KR T-1610, EML 300B-XLS, EML 520B, EML 300B Mesh and EML 320B-XLS will be supported in the future.

overview of products with 4/8 ohms secondary

ID CODE Z prim. application  
S-3 15K 1250V SE211  more detail
S-5 8K SE 845  more detail
S-7 8K4 SE 211  more detail
S-9 3K3 300B, KT88, 6550  more detail
S-15 6K1 SE GM-70  more detail
S-17 5K1 PSE 211  more detail
S-19 1K65 PSE 300B, KT88, 6550  more detail
S-25 5K SE 845 (750V)  more detail
S-833 12K SE 833 (2KV)  more detail