Whammerdyne Heavey Industries Unveils "TRUTH" 2A3 Vacuum Tube Amplifier. Founded in 2010 by Pat Hickman, Paul Fasel, and Matt Kamna, Whammerdyne Heavy Industries is an amalgamation of technical skill-sets united by a common passion for hi-end audio, based in Portland, OR. With 80+ years of combined experience in hi-end audio, electronics engineering, and CNC fabrication. The trio set out to build the ultimate single-ended stereo amplifier. That journey has ended with the completion of the Ultimate Single-Ended 2A3 Truth amplifier.

Magnificently Built

Each Truth 2A3 amplifier is built only from hand-matched, hand-selected, laboratory-grade quality parts. Our output transformers are proprietarily engineered and custom wound in Europe. Additionally, every chassis is machined to perfection using latest CNC technology out of aerospace quality T6 aluminum. The result of out-of-the-box engineering, premium components, and masterful craftsmanship makes for one of the best sounding amplifiers on earth.

Sublime Performance

With no resistors or capacitors in its signal path the Whammerdyne Truth amplifier can deliver an overall noise floor down to 117db and total harmonic distortion (thd) of /3% at 1khz at 1.3 watts into 8 ohms. This is one of the quietest amps on earth.

Sporting a usable power at just under 5 watts (over 10 watts peak), and with an extremely fast rise time. The Truth’s -3 dB down points read at 6 Hz and 148 kHz. Additionally, wide-band hum and noise measure an extremely low 8 microvolts at 135 dB down.

The Whammerdyne Truth is dead quiet, even when coupled to the highest sensitivity of speakers. Its exceptional performance can be experienced with small box speakers--even with all of their limitations. The end result is a listening that presents a stage that is wide, deep, providing a high ceiling, and with crystal clear clarity and definition that would convince you that you're at a live performance.

Listen for yourself at the culmination of four years of research, design, and development. Only then can you understand what the Truth sounds like. To learn more about the Truth 2A3 Amplifier, visit (whammerdyne.com). For media and other related inquiries, see contact info below: